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Haulage Kenya caters for the ever-increasing need for executive logistics skills on an interim or consultative basis within a market place that is operating within a constant 'change management' environment. As a service we strive to provide you with hands on professional business experience within the logistics market enabling you to avoid the high costs of full time executive salary packages whilst enjoying the benefit of senior level logistics professionalism. Put simply..... 'We make things happen'.

Interim Project Management

Interim Executive Management is the ideal solution for any company that is heading for, or going through, a period of crisis, change or transition within its Supply Chain. The use of an Interim Executive provides the hands on managerial support during this critical phase of your business. Unlike permanent employees, you can release an Interim Executive with the minimum of notice at no cost, thereby providing you with a high level temporary resource within your Supply Chain Organisation.


At Haulage Kenya we have found an increasing demand for Supply Chain Consultancy. This has been as a result of the inability of the ‘Large Consultancies’ to provide complete ownership of a project, from strategic design through to implementation.

At Haulage Kenya we not only, ‘write the report’, but we ‘hit the ground running’ to own the project through to implementation to ensure we deliver the result for you. Furthermore you will find that the our rates are far more realistic when compared to the daily rates of the large ‘Corporate consultancies’.


One of the key focus areas of Haulage Kenya is that of outsourcing. Our team have many years experience in working with the major companies across East Africa and as such have built up an intimate knowledge of the main industry players. For many companies we have developed and led the outsourcing process to successful conclusions. In many cases, because of the in depth knowledge that we have built up of the clients operation we have also been retained to project manage the implementation process.

Project Management

Following on from any Outsourcing project there is likely to be an intensive period of implementation. This may be the implementation of a new Supplier solution or the implementation of a new strategy. The key criteria to any new implementation is the application of robust Project Management skills from the detailed planning stage through to key stakeholder management and communication. In all cases Haulage Kenya have proven experience in managing complex implementations involving multi-business units, multi-countries and multi-cultures.

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