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We provide complete supply chain management solutions tailored to fit your needs. From planning and analysis to quality control.

If you need a Supply Chain Management Solution, you’re in the right spot. Almost all businesses are included in a complex supply chain which can cause many problems with ordering and delivering products (logistics) and also to know what the final client really wants. In the supply chain your company can be the Producer, an Industry, a Distributor, a Service or a Shop.

Supply chain management strategies:

  • Vendor Managed Inventory
  • Continuous Replenishment Programme
  • Sales Based Ordering
  • Just in time

taking it step by step

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    Business Analysis

    We examine your business to understand how it works so we could make a detailed supply chain management design.

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    Detailed Planning

    We desine facilities, means of transport, best transport routes and then optimize it.

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    Implementation of designed custom supply chain, including intelligent software for managing it.

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    Quality control and monitoring

    With intelligent software solutions you can know your supplies and demand status and what is happening in all chain of transportation.

how the supply chain works

When it comes to a successful business, a lot of dealers fail to understand what is supply chain management, although they implement this concept one way or another. To make things clear, a supply chain management implies dealing with the whole process until the product is ready to go and after. There are five major steps one should follow in order to come up with a successful management for a business.

  • It all starts with a solid plan that has to cover all the aspects of the business.
  • You need to make new friends and create connections with the materials suppliers, whether they are in your area or not.
  • Once you have the stuff you need, it is time to actually make the product and get ready to enter the market.
  • Then, the supply chain management deliver stage. This is the part when your product goes out for sale.
  • Last, but not least, an important aspect for the customers is the returning one. They should be given a specific period of time to return the product if it is not as described or for not being satisfactory.

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This is Haulage Kenya Services, a constantly growing service dedicated to logistics and trucking in Kenya, East Africa and beyond. Let us handle the succession of steps that basically define the structure of your business. Our service is tailored to suits your needs.

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